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I have a family who loves and supports me, and I’m surrounded by a wonderful of like-minded people in the Recovery community. I’m working my dream job training dogs, and I have a relationship with my higher power that I had forgotten existed. “At 38, I had what looked like an enviable life.

sober success stories

They’re about growing along spiritual lines, and sobriety is a by-product of that. Living by spiritual principles is not something that other 21-year olds were doing. The recovery community was different then, too. There weren’t as many young people in recovery as there are today. Everything that I believed in, everything that I was about, and my perception on life had to change. Maybe the most striking part of Patrick’s personality is his acute self-awareness. It’s a trait that he sharpened while in recovery, and it’s a significant reason why he’s finally found so much success staying sober.

‘Who was I when I wasn’t getting wasted?’

I can maneuver things and figure out what’s a good decision for me. The gray area just kind of becomes a little less. There’s a whole world that is so celebratory and celebrates you finding your truth. It’s a thing where you’ll sober success stories say, “I’m a month sober,” and people will be like, Congratulations! The moving force behind Progress Valley is to help people help themselves. My name is Andrea Blume and my addiction recovery story began on February 18, 2014.

But when we spoke with Jules, we learned her story defied those ideas conclusively. Alcohol addiction was Pitt’s core problem, even if he was the poster boy for functional alcoholics. Swapping his alcoholic drinks for cranberry juice and fizzy water, Pitt remains sober as he adds producing to his acting credentials. Over the past year or so, Radcliffe has started speaking about his alcohol use disorder and subsequent recovery. While many celebrities, from Robert Downey Jr. to Eminem have very publicly battled with substance abuse issues, others are not so vocal about their recovery.

From Addiction to Recovery: Amy’s Story

Brené speaks openly about what sobriety means to her and how she has accomplished personal and professional success by living a life of recovery. Generally, Brené Brown tops the list https://ecosoberhouse.com/ of most inspiring sober celebrities. When I was a sophomore in high school I lost my oldest brother to a drug overdose. I couldn’t take the pain so I would drink until I blacked out.

  • Meth is one of the most addictive and powerful illegal drugs.
  • On the inside, though, she found herself using alcohol to mask the depression and anxiety she was dealing with in her everyday life.
  • Now when people ask, I tell them that it just doesn’t suit me…
  • The next week, I started outpatient treatment.
  • And actually, it was that pain that caused me to be so willing to do anything for sobriety.

Don describes feeling as though he has finally seen the light and he now feels strong in his recovery. In challenging times, Don turns to prayer and meditation to keep his emotions in check.

‘My mom said, ‘there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re an alcoholic.”

My whole goal right now is to be a good husband, a good father, and to help other alcoholics and addicts who are going through the same thing that I have. There is no worse feeling than that hopelessness of wanting to disappear. I would think all the time that the best thing for me to do would be to disappear.

My boyfriend and I go to AA meetings together to this day and I met my sponsor at a speaker’s meeting. I took my first drink in the eighth grade. But I remember that I split a bottle of vodka between myself and two other friends. I got to school the next day and confided in a girl as to what I had done the day before and she told the school. I was called into the counselor’s office and I lied to them about the drinking.

Things To Show Gratitude For While In Recovery

Sometimes not even celebrities recognize their struggles. Jada realized she was having a drinking problem at home. These casual drinking nights were suddenly happening too often.

I had to do a lot of work to get to where I am at today. The last 5 years of my addiction had been spent on high doses of methadone and Xanax, living in my parent’s basement, wanting to die.

The only thing to do was not to drink or drug no matter what. Eventually, after a 24-hour bender I stumbled into AA. I credit AA with drumming into me that I had lost the ability to control my drinking – if I had ever had any control. That I needed to be totally abstinent from alcohol and to take life one day at a time. I did eventually work through the AA programme although I always struggled with the idea of surrendering to a higher power.

How long after stopping drinking does anxiety go away?

For many, anxiety levels can improve within three weeks without drinking. For those experiencing post-acute withdrawal syndrome (or 'PAWS'), it may take more time. This is because PAWS symptoms often include longer-lasting anxiety and irritability as the brain recovers from the negative effects of alcohol.

About a month ago I got serious because I knew my addiction was bigger than my willpower. I’ve been feeling great, like I was gaining control of my life, but today though … today is such a tough day for me. As important as Roots was for our son, we also found a family support group to help us deal with the challenges of having an addict in the family. With the support of others facing a similar situation, we began to feel we weren’t alone and we could find happiness again. We found strength in accepting that we couldn’t make him stop his drug use but we could offer him support for anything related to his sobriety. My son is taking control and responsibility for the direction of his own life. He is finally able to have meaningful conversations and relationships with all family members.

Hunching over counters and wrangling the heaviest of appliances away from the wall ~ it’s been a workout physically and for my patience. I came to my Day One following a devastating blackout that finally got my attention. In order to benefit from a program I have to believe in its precepts. I walked into my first AA meeting with an open mind and great hope only to quickly discover that the group was too far removed from my core beliefs to be of benefit. I sat down to a Central European breakfast of buttered bread and sliced peppers with my partner, hung over and wondering how I acted during my latest blackout. She announced that she could not live with me if I behaved like I did the night before. Thank you for your wonderful letter and quick response I love the newsletter.

  • If you are looking for a clean, sober living environment – this is it!
  • Every morning I would awaken with fear of going to work.
  • You’ll see clearly that addiction doesn’t discriminate, and that anyone can become addicted.
  • “The time between 1998 and 2005 was especially bad,” she said.

After one 3-day binge on alcohol, I woke up and saw things that didn’t exist and heard things that weren’t there. I was taken to the hospital to detox and I did. But I was so deep into my disease that I didn’t ease up on my drinking. I am now a very grateful recovering alcoholic. My life is full of surprises all the time. I am grateful to have a program I can use to help me grow through life’s challenges.