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“Thank you for checking on me” Ellie* said after explaining why she chose life for her baby girl.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is not uncommon. With the internet at one’s disposal it is easy to research the options you have when challenge with an unplanned pregnancy.

Ellie* researched abortion extensively after her call with the Options United call responder. Having an abortion wasn’t something she had given much thought about. She knew from social media it wasn’t a complicated procedure and many girls have them when birth control fails. Yet, when she did her own research she begun to realize what abortion actually entails.

At the time of her research she wasn’t very far along. She would be a great candidate for the abortion pill. If she was going to get an abortion she would need to act quickly in order to avoid an in office procedure. But through her research she realized that her baby already has a beating heart. She came to the conclusion that if she had an abortion now by the abortion pill or later the difference would be the method of how her baby would be killed.

“I love my baby and I will protect her.”

After the eye-opening moment, Ellie’s love for her baby grew and she wanted to do everything possible to protect her.