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Four Pillars of the Foundation

No Waste

PLIF guarantees 99% of funding goes directly to the work of helping women and their unborn & not to operational costs or mismanaged projects with no proven track record.

All Benefit

There is a clear distribution of funds to ensure all pro-life organizations in an area benefit directly life-affirming works.

Big Impact

No matter the donation size, $25 or $1,000,000, every dollar can be accounted for locally. The program has a proven track record for over 12 years and is the most cost-effective program of its kind.


If you would like to leave a pro-life legacy for years to come, PLIF makes it possible to support many organizations long term. You can rest assured that your charitable gift whether large or small will have the greatest impact possible.

PLIF’s novel approach can reach the entire nation at the click of a button with a proven program that saves lives.