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What is PLIF’s Goal?

The goal of PLIF is to compete with abortion providers by winning over their customer base before they even need their services. The best way to compete is by establishing a foundation that strategically deploys the pooled resources that galvanizes the pro-life movement.

Why do you call it a foundation?

It is a foundation because it receives tax deductible gifts for the pro-life cause; any asset can be transferred into it and allows for strategies such as an endowment, a pool for distributable funds, a planned giving vehicle, or any other gifting strategy. A community foundation, the Christian Foundation of America, ensures all financial obligations and requirements are fulfilled and long-term viability is guaranteed. A donor or financial advisor would make a direct donation or set up a donor advised fund to begin.

What is the “impact”?

The impact of the foundation is four-fold: unity of fundraising, marketing, and communication.

  1. One donation benefits all pro-life organizations in each area. Rather than a donor having to pick and choose, a donation to PLIF directly supports the entirety of the pro-life movement. One gift equals more women assisted, more lives saved and all pro-life groups benefit. That means bigger strategic donors who sit on the sideline because of the chaos and fragmentation of the multitude of pro-life organizations can now know that a big donation will have a great impact for life.
  2. Online outreach: to reach more crisis minded clients at a lower cost, there must be a bigger buyer than a single pregnancy center competing against a national chain of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. Our strategy covering a designated media market (DMA) is the only way to compete with the big chain abortion providers. 
  3. One number one solution: our call center serves as the common communication hub for the online outreach and pooled resources.
  4. Unity: we all know that if the pro-life movement actually moved as a unit, we would have a greater impact. PLIF is a solution toward greater unity.
Who benefits from PLIF?

You may direct your gift as your prefer. An unrestricted gift is distributed as follows:

30% to pregnancy centers

30% to online outreach to offer help to those seeking it online

30% to the call center to speak with and win over these crisis-pregnancy clients

5% to pro-life adoption and foster care groups

5% to non-pregnancy center pro-life organizations that are part of the pro-life movement

What is Options United’s role?

Options United governs PLIF and fundraises to cover its operational costs separate from PLIF. You can find out more at www.optionsunited.com.

Why did you start PLIF?
  • We realized that the lack of collaboration within the pro-life movement puts us at a distinct cost disadvantage competing with abortion providers in reaching abortion vulnerable women. Right now, pro-life organizations compete amongst themselves and against abortion providers. Meanwhile, the abortion providers work together at scale and even as big tech gives them even more of an unfair advantage.
  • We wanted to streamline charitable giving so one gift benefits all pro-life organizations.
  • We wanted to encourage donors who might want to make a bigger impact with their gift.
  • We wanted to make it possible for a donor to give anonymously.
  • We wanted a new tool for Christian financial professionals to offer their clients a way to make a big impact within the pro-life movement.
  • We wanted to explicitly highlight our work serving both non-profits and families.
Does PLIF act like an endowment or a distributable fund?

PLIF will respect the donor’s wishes to leave a principal in place or to distribute it according to his or her wishes. Setting up a donor advised fund (DAF) would be the first step to take.

Is PLIF a charity?

Yes, PLIF provides an immediate tax benefit to the donor. It is a fund administered by CFA, a 501c3 non-profit charity and holder of the fund for Options United, also a 501c3 non-profit charity.

Why would a donor give to PLIF vs. a single pro-life organization?

We encourage giving to all pro-life organizations. PLIF offers a unique opportunity to directly benefit all organizations. In short, PLIF gives a pro-life donor more options to be strategic. For example, a large gift to a small organization might not be fully leveraged. Whereas a large gift to PLIF would impact an entire region and dozens of pro-life organizations at once.

Does PLIF compete with pregnancy centers?

Regarding fundraising, there is no competition because PLIF is encouraging new strategic donors who might be on the sideline, seeking a bigger impact. Plus, the potential new funding would directly benefit pregnancy centers.

Regarding ad placements, there is no competition because all contacts are referred to a local pregnancy center which is a net improvement. In summary, PLIF consolidates operations to create a bigger impact for pregnancy centers.

Why not give directly to pregnancy centers or adoption providers?

We encourage giving directly to pregnancy centers and all pro-life organizations as they are the front lines of the pro-life movement. Donating to PLIF is a different kind of financial gift since it is aimed at galvanizing the pro-life movement to strategically compete with abortion providers.

What is your relationship with Christian Foundation of America?

Christian Foundation of America or CFA is a community foundation that holds the Pro-life Impact Fund and oversees its proper function as a financial enterprise fund. CFA can handle every sort of financial giving strategy while also providing compliance and oversight of PLIF.

What does the Advisory Board do?

The board approves grants given to the pregnancy centers and adoption providers ensuring that good results are obtained while a good community relationship is established. Board members will also be encouraged to promote PLIF, advocating for its goals.

What is your fund-raising plan?

Traditional fund-raising such as events and other awareness as well as marketing will be utilized. We anticipate fund-raising opportunities will also develop as word spreads about PLIF among pastors and financial professionals. We believe these audiences will see PLIF as a solution and a new way to get directly involved in the pro-life movement which in the past was often perceived as fragmented.

Can I Donate Securities?

Yes PLIF can receive all forms of gifting including securities; Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Funds. The Pro- Life Impact Foundation – Owned by CFA. This account is able to accept donations, including Qualified Charitable Distributions from IRA accounts, other cash donations.


If you or your custodian has any questions, please feel free to contact Dana Powell, Operations Manager, at (805) 523-9087 or email us at info@prolifeimpactfoundation.org

Christian Foundation of America (DBA for Christian Foundation of the West) TIN #77-0566530

3390 Auto Mall Drive, Westlake
Village, CA 91362

Does a donation to PLIF compete with Options United funding? Why not give directly to OU?

A donation to PLIF supports the entire network of pro-life organizations, as does Options United. The difference is that 99% of a donation to PLIF goes to the cause directly. Meanwhile, a donation to Options United covers both the cost of PLIF and operation costs for Options United.

How can a small donation benefit a foundation serving hundreds of non-profits?

Our strategy is highly measurable. For example, for $20 we can create one call from an abortion vulnerable woman and a life-saving referral to a local center for $30.

How much money do you need?

PLIF seeks any level of gifting (see above). Our goal, however, is to compete with abortion providers to assist more women and save lives. We set $3,000 per month for a year to initiate a media market, $6,000 per month or $72,000 as minimum per year to fully operate a market in the US and $150,000 per year per large market to aggressively compete for clients and support key pro-life organizations.

Is PLIF just for California or other states?

PLIF originates in California and is our current focus. However, PLIF is for the entire movement of pregnancy centers by franchising PLIF in other regions or states. Franchises start at $150,000 per market per year. If an individual is interested finding out more what they can do in their state or region they can reach out to us at info@ProlifeImpactFoundation.org.