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The Pro-Life Impact Foundation’s mission is to galvanize the pro-life movement by providing a unitive strategy to better compete with abortion providers. The purpose of PLIF is to ultimately save pre-born children from abortion while assisting more women and families with charity and life-affirming options.

Why is PLIF needed?

The pro-life movement is fragmented whereas abortion providers are organized and well-funded. Pregnancy centers, the historic frontline of the pro-life movement, operate and strategize alone and isolated from the movement they started. Other pro-life organizations that focus on education, marketing, and activism are generally outside of the fray and unable to assist directly in saving life—and with 1 million abortions happening in the United States every year, this is the most urgent part of the cause!

The Solution

Our unitive strategy resolves disjointed efforts that force pro-life organizations to operate in isolation from each other. PLIF is designed as a financial tool for donors and financial advisors to participate in the pro-life movement more strategically so we are all focused on the same direction. With $30 trillion passing from one generation to the next, we must do all we can to ensure a pro-life future for America.

The Pro-Life Impact Foundation’s goal is to increase the number of families who choose parenting or adoption while reducing the number of abortions. We do this through telecommunication, marketing, and grants as well as the ensuing partnerships with like-minded organizations.

PLIF’s vision is to expand our online outreach to every woman considering abortion, develop sophisticated lead generation strategies using the best technology to better compete against the abortion industry, and build capacity.

With the solution of uniting pro-life organizations and making the pro-life movement stronger as a whole donors are confident knowing their gift is making not only an efficient impact but also a significant one.